Golda Dwass Essay Nailed Magazine
Dante Deathwish NAILED Magazine
Sam Preminger Poetry Nailed

Poetry Suite by Sam Preminger - Carrie Seitzinger

"We umber in the half-dream gloom until morning emerges..."

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make racists afraid again hat, by Scott Brennan

Inauguration Weekend by Scott Brennan - Carrie Seitzinger

"America caught in the throes of an ideological and cultural civil war."

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Daniel Elder Essay Nailed Magazine
Portland Women's March, photos by Maggie Jane Cech
Trump pinata, essay about 2016 election by Kristin Barendsen
Kwesi Abbensetts Photography NAILED

Blood Memory By Kwesi Abbensetts - Shenyah Webb

"...bound to my identity, race, and being part of the black diasporic experience."

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in the age of trump by robert lashley on NAILED magazine, art by Eric Mack
SINGLE SUBMISSION--Lanzhou, Pollution at Dusk---DIEGO LUIS-

Donald the Denier by Christy George - Matty Byloos

"Donald Trump may well bring on an irrevocable climate catastrophe."

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