Janeen Armstrong essay with Alyssa Monks painting
Deathwish 043: James

Deathwish 043: James - Matty Byloos

"Maybe I should cut her hair while she’s sleeping."

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Haley Craw art NAILED Magazine artist feature

Artist Feature: Haley Craw - Shenyah Webb

"Breaking down guilt, shame, and suppressed desire."

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Actual Space: When I First Knew I Was Black by Tyler Lewis - Robert Lashley

"...what it would really be like to literally be the only Black person."

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green house in the snow snowed in photo by Daniil Maksyokov

Freeze by Gerri Ravyn Stanfield - Matty Byloos

"Alive is a strange way to be... Space gives birth to everything"

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Ransom Ashley photo essay of small town life in Louisiana
fion george making women uncomfortable essay

In This Body: Women Uncomfortable - Fiona George

"There are always men who will consider you theirs in one way or another."

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Luther Hughes poem "my chest a field of dandelions. remember the dandelions?"

Poetry Suite by Luther Hughes - Carrie Seitzinger

"your chest a volcano. my chest a field of dandelions."

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painting by nathaniel evans, back of cop's head
Aleah Chapin artist feature

Artist Feature: Aleah Chapin - Shenyah Webb

"...what it really means to be in a body, whatever your age, gender or skin color."

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