Kwesi Abbensetts Photography NAILED

Blood Memory By Kwesi Abbensetts - Shenyah Webb

"...bound to my identity, race, and being part of the black diasporic experience."

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in the age of trump by robert lashley on NAILED magazine, art by Eric Mack
SINGLE SUBMISSION--Lanzhou, Pollution at Dusk---DIEGO LUIS-

Donald the Denier by Christy George - Matty Byloos

"Donald Trump may well bring on an irrevocable climate catastrophe."

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Craw on NAILED
Fortunato Salazar Fiction NAILED

Hired Chair by Fortunato Salazar - Matty Byloos

"The objective was to not call attention to himself..."

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Notes by Krista Price - Matty Byloos

"Liar misspelled. Exactly what I would have expected..."

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Devon Deathwish NAILED Magazine

Deathwish 048: Devon - Matty Byloos

"I want my ashes to dance, to root, to get kicked along and blown about..."

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Fiona George Essay Nailed Magazine

In This Body: Sexless Identity - Fiona George

"...if we didn’t have sex, would you still love me?"

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Audrey Lentz Fiction Nailed Magazine

This Is What Happens by Audrey Lentz - Matty Byloos

"It sounds like you don't know if it was consensual or not."

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