songs of the week

NAILED Songs of the Week #44 - Staff

"...just like a wedding but without the groom..."

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NAILED deathwish jennifer

Deathwish 038: Jennifer - Matty Byloos

"The strangest thing about someone dying is that it isn’t strange at all."

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Nathaniel Evans artist feature
essay commemorating the life of Prince and Prince's music by Robert Lashley for NAILED Magazine

On Prince by Robert Lashley - Robert Lashley

"...our shared cultural vocabulary in relation to the body and human expression."

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JG aka AMOXI photography teenager skateboarder

Models by Tyler Barton - Matty Byloos

"...the ghosts in our empty driver’s seats -- and the humiliation..."

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Interview: A.M. O’Malley’s Obsession - Matty Byloos

"It is the exact date that gauzy childhood ended and life sped up..."

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city life on the streets of Detroit 2016
feminist essay by Marissa Korbel NAILED Magazine Where the Boys Are, with art by Anna McKay

Where the Boys Are by Marissa Korbel - Carrie Seitzinger

"Stop competing with other women, and start holding them up."

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Shira Erlichman poetry suite on NAILED Magazine Ode to Lithium poems

Poetry Suite by Shira Erlichman - Carrie Seitzinger

“ 'Give me enough time & I’ll anvil your kidneys, lose your memory for you.' ”

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