jamie leigh lorente nailed magazine

Billy by Jamie Leigh Lorente - Kirsten Larson

One hand gripped around the back of my neck like a tightening vice...

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fiction by Jennifer Marie Donahue
jenny forrester story nailed magazine
VINZ FEEL FREE nailed magazine

Sweet Potato Girl by Rob Hart - Carrie Seitzinger

I'd call myself a feminist, which is what men’s rights activists call “beta.”

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caratoes street artist nailed magazine

Artist Feature: Caratoes - Shenyah Webb

"...reverberated eyes pulled me into their universes."

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tamara muller painting nailed magazine

Poetry Suite by M. F. McAuliffe - Carrie Seitzinger

stand my body on a rock, nail my hands to the wheeling stars

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elle nash skin essay nailed magazine

The Skin Underneath the Skin by Elle Nash - Kevin Meyer

What was going on while I was on this chemo-level drug...

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kenny vasoli vacationer nailed interview