Jeremy Radin Essay Nailed

On Fatness and Food Addiction by Jeremy Radin - Carrie Seitzinger

"Anything I do in this body feels like a chore. This body is a chore."

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Constantinos Chaidalis Art Nailed
Colleen Diamond Virginity Stories Nailed
Sean Patrick Mulroy Essay Nailed
NAILED songs of the week

NAILED Songs of the Week #49 - Staff

"It's difficult to see evolution when it's happening..."

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rushelle frazier essay Actual Space on NAILED magazine

Actual Space: Black Everyday by Rushelle Frazier - Robert Lashley

"I was pressed into reading out crazy parts of Mark Twain stories..."

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anton krasnikov photograph of feather

Latency Period: Shehechiyanu - Daniel Elder

"It feels like something has passed, irrevocably ... This is a death."

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Ice Blocking by Megan Collins - Carrie Seitzinger

"How do you open your mouth and speak the unspeakable?"

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Emel Karakozak Photography Nailed Magazine
Fisayo Adeyeye Poetry Nailed Magazine

Poetry Suite by Fisayo Adeyeye - Carrie Seitzinger

"Do you still believe that a wound is the only proof you will ever need?"

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