Matthieu Bourel

Artist Feature: Matthieu Bourel - Shenyah Webb

A bizarre fusion of a bygone era and a not too distant future.

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My Plus Size, Body-Positive Sex Life By Minerva Siegel nailed magazine
Lamarr Golding photography NAILED magazine
Amoxi art yellow flower
summer krafft writes a personal essay "The Way Things Collide," about her strained relationship with her father, the events of 9/11, and her first love. For NAILED Magazine

The Way Things Collide by Summer Krafft - Carrie Seitzinger

"... ten years of things not crashing into other things without warning."

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Interview: Suzy Vitello’s Obession - Matty Byloos

"In those 2:00 a.m. can’t-sleep nights, I obsessively revise his death."

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Artist Feature: Philip Munoz - Shenyah Webb

Tattoos blossom at the intersection of the body and art.

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david ishaya osu poetry poems
grieving mothers corie skolnick nailed magazine

Collecting Grieving Mothers by Corie Skolnick - Matty Byloos

"... the way the body of a mother who has lost a child trembles..."

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NAILED songs of the week

Songs of the Week #40 - Staff

"It's this picture I saw once of a friend with a tiny hummingbird in his hands"

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