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deathwish NAILED adam portland

Deathwish 021: Adam - Matty Byloos

"I killed the old me right there and then..."

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response breakup poems essays nailed magazine

Response: Breakup - Kirsten Larson

"I was beautifully composed for another, but I could barely hear my metronome."

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built to spill concert

NAILED Songs of the Week #32 - Staff

" floors composed entirely of Jell-O Jigglers shaped like dinosaurs..."

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kirsten larson memoir essay nailed magazine

Memoir: Veracity, Art, and the Arias’s - Kirsten Larson

"I saw myself in someone else, and felt less alone in the world."

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jay torres drawing laura arias father essay nailed magazine

New York, New York by Laura Arias - Kirsten Larson

"Jason and I are led upstairs by this man, our father, or papi..."

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jason arias estranged father essay smith smith collage

On the Road to Thebes by Jason Arias - Kirsten Larson

"I still end up hugging him when he opens his arms before disappearing again."

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nailed fiction

Profess by Michael DeStefano - Matty Byloos

"...a line’s already been crossed and what comes next is inevitable..."

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