NAILED is an arts and culture magazine that features candid writing, essays, art, poetry, fiction, comics, interviews, letters, photography, and more. NAILED was founded on five defining adjectives that we constantly strive to reflect in the content that we publish: artful, passionate, raw/honest, challenging, and intelligent. We publish new content daily, with a focus on relevant, cultural topics and struggles. We are interested in unbarred, exposed writing that is not typically found in online zines.

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The NAILED Team:

Carrie Seitzinger: Co-Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Matty Byloos: Co-Publisher and Contributing Editor

Shenyah Webb: Arts Editor and Contributing Editor

Colin Farstad: Contributing Editor

Kirsten Larson: Editorial Intern

Roy Coughlin: Contributor

Trace William Cowen: Contributor

Reyna Kohl: Contributor

John Barrios: Contributor

Stephen Meads: Contributor